The Montage Reality Movement—A Manifesto

We are visual artists who create outside of boundaries—real or perceived. Our work cannot be categorized or pigeonholed because the imagination is boundless and fluid. Our inspirations—and our mediums—are diverse and expansive.

We think and work across borders and beyond the static frames of traditional images by harnessing the considerable power of the digital world.  We are a community of seers who translate emotion, desire and beauty into physical representations of reality across its multiple dimensions.

Montage Reality artists are storytellers who understand that the narrative is ever-changing.  That is why our pieces are created so the viewer may look at them and see and see again—each time understanding something new, different and deeply stimulating.

By marrying elements of the fantastical with the empirical we create mindscapes that imitate the flights of human thinking and creativity. Ours is a world where anything can happen and the page becomes the gateway into a new dimension of perception and interpretation.

The core underpinning of the Montage Reality Movement is that art in the digital age must function for the viewer in a more expansive way than traditional artistic mediums. Modern times call for modern representations that speak to the soul of a technologically driven society

Our Manifesto is an acknowledgement of a Movement that is already formed and forming. 

Reality is Montage.

David M. Land – July 14th, 2016